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Lazy Sunday Candi Wheat (X04)

The idea for this brew presented itself after doing some research into various brewing adjuncts- specifically Candi Sugar. After reading how simple the process is to create this adjunct I decided to drag out a sauce pot and try my hand at inverting some sucrose molecules to make some amber colored candi sugar syrup. Having achieved what appears to be a level of success the question was then raised: On what kind of beer recipe should I use this liquid buffet for yeast? After some Google-fu the answer became crystal clear: a Belgian-style wheat beer.


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Honey Bunny Sweet Wheat (X03)

Not very much to say about this brew. While I’m still planning out the construction of a lautering tun the itch to brew once again kicked in, but I was in the mood to just make something a little less challenging. Therefore, after a little searching around I settled on a honey wheat. While I’ve never really been a fan of wheat beers up to this point with the inevitable heat of summer bearing down upon the region I figured now would be as good a time as any to attempt expanded horizons again.


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Hyper Cat Brown Ale Update

Although I am still in the early stages of my brewing hobby I was rather skeptical of the 3oz of hops called for in this recipe. Upon tasting this beer I can say that I was not that far off base. In short, the Hyper Cat Brown Ale turned out bitter as hell. The 85 minute boil time of the 12% AA hops imparted such a high level of alpha acids the final product had more of a bitter profile of an IPA without the counteracting sweetness.

Overall the malt profile was a dead-on match with that of Abita Turbodog. However, if and when I attempt this brew again in the future I will likely cut down the boil time of the Columbus hops to 30 minutes and only 1oz Williamette at 5 minutes. Also, the brew was slightly under carbonated for what I was looking to achieve. Therefore, in the future I will likely up the priming sugar to a level 1 tbsp per bottle.

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Hyper Cat Brown Ale (X02)

On my first trip to Brewstock I decided to pick up some supplies to create by first non-kit brew. I knew that I didn’t want to wast my time with another full kit as I was ready to move forward into more in depth brewing methods. I talked to Aaron, the proprietor and all around brewing guru, and he suggested that I try a partial mash extract (PME) recipe as the bridge between the simplistic work of the beginner’s hopped malt kits and the expert world of all-grain brewing. When asked about what kind of beer I was looking to brew I mentioned that I was a fan of Turbodog and would like to make something along those lines. Luckily enough, Aaron just happened to have a clone recipe that he had developed, and after a quick print and a few minutes milling the grain I had all the pieces and parts need to create my first “real” home brew.

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Coopers Lager I (X01) – An Introduction to Brewing

Lao-Tzu famously stated “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. For my journey into the world of home brewery that relevant first step was with the Complete Lager Package included with the Coopers Microbrewery Kit.

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