Trappist Rochefort 8

Since I’ve been in the middle of a moving and home renovations I haven’t been able to hop back on to the brewing wagon lately. However, for my birthday one of my friends got me an assortment of craft beers. Since it will be a while before I can get back into brewing I figured it would be good to take some time and review some other beers.



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Lazy Sunday Candi Wheat (X04)

The idea for this brew presented itself after doing some research into various brewing adjuncts- specifically Candi Sugar. After reading how simple the process is to create this adjunct I decided to drag out a sauce pot and try my hand at inverting some sucrose molecules to make some amber colored candi sugar syrup. Having achieved what appears to be a level of success the question was then raised: On what kind of beer recipe should I use this liquid buffet for yeast? After some Google-fu the answer became crystal clear: a Belgian-style wheat beer.


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Honey Bunny Sweet Wheat Update

If you were paying attention to the end of the post about the brewing of the Honey Bunny Sweet Wheat you may have noticed that there was a pretty steep drop in gravity from 1.069 to 1.010. This corresponds to a simliar spike in the final ABV of the beer, and terms of taste the higher alcohol content is absolutely front and center. I don’t know at this point if the high fermentation level was from the large amount of DME, a highly attenuative yeast, or from the yeast feasting upon the easily digestible honey sugars but nonetheless there was a higher than expected level of alcohol in the final beer.

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Honey Bunny Sweet Wheat (X03)

Not very much to say about this brew. While I’m still planning out the construction of a lautering tun the itch to brew once again kicked in, but I was in the mood to just make something a little less challenging. Therefore, after a little searching around I settled on a honey wheat. While I’ve never really been a fan of wheat beers up to this point with the inevitable heat of summer bearing down upon the region I figured now would be as good a time as any to attempt expanded horizons again.


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Hyper Cat Brown Ale Update

Although I am still in the early stages of my brewing hobby I was rather skeptical of the 3oz of hops called for in this recipe. Upon tasting this beer I can say that I was not that far off base. In short, the Hyper Cat Brown Ale turned out bitter as hell. The 85 minute boil time of the 12% AA hops imparted such a high level of alpha acids the final product had more of a bitter profile of an IPA without the counteracting sweetness.

Overall the malt profile was a dead-on match with that of Abita Turbodog. However, if and when I attempt this brew again in the future I will likely cut down the boil time of the Columbus hops to 30 minutes and only 1oz Williamette at 5 minutes. Also, the brew was slightly under carbonated for what I was looking to achieve. Therefore, in the future I will likely up the priming sugar to a level 1 tbsp per bottle.

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Hyper Cat Brown Ale (X02)

On my first trip to Brewstock I decided to pick up some supplies to create by first non-kit brew. I knew that I didn’t want to wast my time with another full kit as I was ready to move forward into more in depth brewing methods. I talked to Aaron, the proprietor and all around brewing guru, and he suggested that I try a partial mash extract (PME) recipe as the bridge between the simplistic work of the beginner’s hopped malt kits and the expert world of all-grain brewing. When asked about what kind of beer I was looking to brew I mentioned that I was a fan of Turbodog and would like to make something along those lines. Luckily enough, Aaron just happened to have a clone recipe that he had developed, and after a quick print and a few minutes milling the grain I had all the pieces and parts need to create my first “real” home brew.

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Coopers Lager Update Part The Third

There is much to be said on the subject of bottle conditioning, and one thing is becoming extremely clear to me: have patience young brewmaster. Now two weeks into the bottle conditioning process for the lager carbonation is now noticeable in the glass. The green notes of the beer have tapered off dramatically, and when poured into a very clean container the beer actually forms and holds a nice white head. Now that’s what I call progress.

At this rate after another week of bottle conditioning I would be confident in premiering the beer to other people, and confident I will need to be since I will be doing just that at a get together with friends this coming Saturday. That will mark three weeks of bottle conditioning for the lager, and hopefully too much won’t end up on the floor in culinary disgust.

In other news I decided to halt the lagering process on the Endless Sail Orange Lager as atmospheric temperatures have risen to unsuitable temperatures. Therefore I went ahead and bottled the contents of the half gallon growler jug with a teaspoon of priming sugar in each. As it turns out my calculations were right on and the growler jug filled only two of my bottles which in a way excites me.

Extrapolated out that means a 5 gallon batch should only fill 16 of my bottles. Since I have 32 of these 740ml bottles I should be able to brew and bottle two 5 gallon batches at a time. Neat!

Looks like it’s about to get pretty busy around here in the land of brewing.

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