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Introduction Part The First

It was a cool brisk morning that 25th of December in the year 2009. The freshly brewed coffee was still steaming in the Christmas themed mug on the hearth as the starter log burned a low even flame. My wife sat across from me on the floor with camera in hand beaming the most pleased smile you have ever seen. In front of me the wrapping paper laid strew on the floor, and what a glorious creation had been revealed in front of mine eyes: a Coopers Microbrewery Kit. Within moments I already had visions of boiling grains, hops, and large batches of godly nectar fermenting away with alcoholic vigor. I knew that I would soon be diving head first into the world of home brewery.

My name is Josh and I’ve long toyed with the idea of dipping my hands into the world of microbrewery either through the development of beer or wine. I’m also an engineer by trade (Electrical Engineering by education, Software Engineering by profession) so the anal retentive sterilization requirements and attention to minute details appeal to the inherent meticulous nature of my personality. Apparently my wife put these two fact together this Christmas and was kind enough to surprise me with the aforementioned microbrewery kit. Of course this now ensures that our kitchen will now serve double duty as that of a place of food preparation as well as a sterile environment for both biological and chemistry experiments.

Preliminary research into the more advanced methods of brewing pointed me towards the excellent website by John Palmer How to Brew which states that a key to creating good brewing results is to keep good records of the brewing process in order to learn from documented mistakes and consistently develop preferred batches. Therefore I have set up this blog in order to keep records and to share my experiences as I delve ever deeper into one of life’s great hobbies since the repeal of prohibition: home brewery.

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