Honey Bunny Sweet Wheat Update

2010/04/30 at 8:30 pm Leave a comment

If you were paying attention to the end of the post about the brewing of the Honey Bunny Sweet Wheat you may have noticed that there was a pretty steep drop in gravity from 1.069 to 1.010. This corresponds to a simliar spike in the final ABV of the beer, and terms of taste the higher alcohol content is absolutely front and center. I don’t know at this point if the high fermentation level was from the large amount of DME, a highly attenuative yeast, or from the yeast feasting upon the easily digestible honey sugars but nonetheless there was a higher than expected level of alcohol in the final beer.

First and foremost let’s calculate the estimated ABV of the beer:

ABV = (OG − FG) / 0.00753 = (1.069 - 1.010) / 0.00753 = 7.84%

Note that in most beers the “typical” ABV is no more than roughly 5%. While I’ve yet to confirm this through experimentation I would assume that this is due to the fact that the typical level of malt extraction from the malted barley is not enough to balance out the harshness of the alcohol.

In this beer the alcohol is surprisingly balanced by the sweetness of the DME. As time goes on the carbonation of the beer has reached the target level for the style I was looking for. Additionally the head retention is straight up off the charts.

Two weeks after initial tasting the harshness of the alcohol is starting to wane and the cider aspect of the honey is starting to push through. One thing that is undoubtedly missing from the sweet and cider notes of the beer is the balancing nature of the bittering hops.

Next time (and yes, there will be a next time for this recipe) most things will be kept the same but I will likely increase the amount of the Amarillo hops to a full 1oz and likely increase the boil time to 45 minutes.


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Honey Bunny Sweet Wheat (X03) Lazy Sunday Candi Wheat (X04)

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