Honey Bunny Sweet Wheat (X03)

2010/03/14 at 12:00 am 1 comment

Not very much to say about this brew. While I’m still planning out the construction of a lautering tun the itch to brew once again kicked in, but I was in the mood to just make something a little less challenging. Therefore, after a little searching around I settled on a honey wheat. While I’ve never really been a fan of wheat beers up to this point with the inevitable heat of summer bearing down upon the region I figured now would be as good a time as any to attempt expanded horizons again.

The brewing process was very uneventful so I didn’t bother with documenting the process. Basically heat water, add dry malt extract, boil, add honey, cool, pitch, and wait. The only issue with this brew that I didn’t have with any other was the fact that the wheat DME added an unexpected amount of sediment which I was sure would end up in the bottles since I haven’t racked my brews up to this point.

However, on bottling day I made the sudden realization that I did not have enough bottles. Yet, I had already set the fermenter on the counter overnight to let gravity take care of the large amount of sediments. Determined not to waste the opportunity I quickly devised a way to rack the brew using only the brew pot since I do not have a secondary vessel for further fermentation.

  1. Sanitize all equipment to be used.
  2. Create ghetto racking cane from bottling tube and hose.
  3. Rack all beer from fermenter minus sediments to boiling pot.
  4. Fully clean and sanitize primary vessel.
  5. Swap locations of primary fermenter and now full boiling pot.
  6. Rack beer from boiling pot back into fermenter.
  7. Let beer continue to ferment sediment free

All told it should look something like this:

Then do the same thing, after cleaning the vessel but in reverse. You’re a smart and clever reader. You get the idea. From this point fermentation continued in a pretty straightforward fashion. The only change I made halfway through the process was the fact that I added another 0.5oz of slightly boiled Amarillo hops to attempt to counteract the steadily increasing sweetness of the beer.

Date Specific Gravity
3/13 1069
3/17 1030
3/22 1019
3/28 1014
4/06 1010

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately learning about the actual chemistry and biology of what exactly is going on in the numerous stages of the brewing process. Knowing what I know now I can say that a lot of what I’ve done in the brewing process up to this point was either wrong, misguided, or blindly unjustified. For one thing, the sparging process used in the Hyper Cat Brown Ale was straight up idiotic. While the temperatures were indeed nearly correct for the different stages of the mashing/sparging process the fact that one would sparge the grain in a different vessel than the one in which the mashing process negates the taget temperatures in order to cultivate or deactivate the necessary enzymatic processes needed to properly achieve the right balance of starch conversion.

Once I build my lautering tun I will go into the necessity of these target temperatures and how they affect the final brew, but in the mean time let’s see how this very basis brew turns out to our ever more judgmental palette.


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Hyper Cat Brown Ale Update Honey Bunny Sweet Wheat Update

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